USA Shipping

Send Your Inventory to USA Amazon Fulfillment Centers


Skip the paperwork! We’ll expertly divide your boxes into shipments under $800, eliminating the need for customs declarations. This convenient service comes at no additional cost, with all prep rates remaining the same as here.

How does it work?

Hassle-free customs clearance: We handle all customs paperwork for shipments under $800 USD, ensuring smooth and swift delivery.Expert box splitting: We’ll efficiently divide your shipment into multiple boxes, each under the $800 limit, eliminating the need for customs declarations.Detailed documentation: We’ll meticulously document each box’s contents for seamless cross-border service.Zero brokerage fees: Enjoy peace of mind with no hidden fees or charges.

Cost for the Cross Border Service

Your cost is simple: per box, based solely on size. See our pricing guide below for details.Small Box – $5
Under 24 inches for two longest sides combined (example – 12x12x10)
Medium Box – $7
Under 48 inches for two longest sides combined (example – 24x24x20)
Large Box – $14
Over 48 inches for two longest sides combined (example – 25x24x20)

FDA Prior Notice Service

Skip the paperwork for just $1.50! Our hands-free prior notice service handles everything, making food exports to the USA effortless.

Due to the nature of certain goods and US customs regulations, we are not able to ship some goods that are FDA regulated. It it your responsibility to ensure that your products can be shipped and contact US FDA if you’re unsure. More information can be found on the government website here:

Niagara Prep Hub is not responsible for any fees, charges, or inventory that does not follow US customs regulations

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