Base Fee $0.80 per unit

It includes the following -

Receiving, Inspecting & Shelving

    FNSKU / ASIN Labels
      Safety Labels (Fragile, Battery, Heavy, etc.)
        Box / FBA Shipping Label

          Any Bundle / Multipack Item $0.15 per unit

          It includes Bundle Labels (Sold As Set, Do Not Separate)

          Poly Bag $0.15 per unit

          Bubble Wrap $0.30 per unit

          Price is for 1 square foot.

          Books $1.20 per unit

          This is the base price for books which includes inspection and labelling.

          Pallet $20 per pallet

          This fee is charged for every pallet going out, receiving pallet is free.

          Fee includes adding boxes to pallet, shrink wrapping, pallet labelling, and weighing.


          We will try to reuse boxes. If needed, cost for new box will be – 

          Small – $2

          Medium – $3

          Large – $4


          Monthly charges –

          Box – $5
            Pallet – $40

              Forwarding Services

              Carton - $5

              Pallet - $30

                No Minimum Quantity Requirements

                No Monthly or Set Up Fees

                No Additional Fees for Online Arbitrage Units or Oversize Units

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